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Fluxing Agent Used for Refining AL-Alloy

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  • Zhaoqing, China
  • aida
  • From Feb 20, 2013 To May 20, 2013
  • 2kg/Bag, 20kg/Box
Product Description

Aide offers a wide range of fluxes and fused refining agents for all foundry processes, these include fluoride-free smokeless fluxes for cleaning and drossing, sodium-free drossing fluxes, Removes hydrogen and nonmetallic inclusions, special purpose and all purpose fluxes:

Items Action
Flux powder Free fused refining, degassing
Smokeless fluxes smokeless fluoride-free Loaded it into the flux injection to spray.
Flux-Re(add Re for degassing) <20ppi white Powder
Flux for high-magnesium aluminum alloy(greater than 5% Mg) Degassing high-magnesium alloys
Flux compact Enhanced type for degassing
Slagging powder Separate slag/melt
Covering powder Spread out and cover all over the surface of the molten protect the Al alloy
Wall-cleaning flux Cleaner furnace walls
Strontium modifying slagging powder Slagging for high Silicon al alloy
Temperature:700ºC-750 ºC ; Dosage:Based on the smelting0.1%-0.2%
* Al sodium salt modifying flux: Put the powder onto the surface of the molten aluminum
Apply to the modification treatment of hypoeutectic and eutectic Al-Si alloys with shorter casing time (Mg ≤ 2%). Form:Powder
* Al strontium salt modifying flux
Modify for high silicon aluminum alloy
* Al phosphate salt modifying flux12-25%Si; Push in into the deep of the molten and stir
Long efficient modifier(4-8hours) for high silicon aluminum alloy: silicon Content in alloy(%):12-25 Form:Dull red cylindrical hard chucks

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